Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day brought about an interesting turn of events. The night
watch, a group that appears to be very creative, decided to pull a few
pranks for April Fool's day. As I exited my room that morning, on my way
to the gym, I happened to notice an out-of-place sign above the MPC office
door, picture number one or 'Starbuzz'. I knew it wasn't there the night
before. The back-story of this sign stems from the unlimited lattes that
flow from that office, of which I also partake. I now make my own lattes,
although for some reason they taste better when someone makes them for me.
Also, I am still working on my foaming-skills. The 'Buzz All Weather'
latte, in particular, I consume at least once a day (see picture two).
Although, I am very curious about the 'Buzz Bomb.' Sound delish!
There is another back-story for the third picture ('beware of the honey
bears'). The ET on the ship has a phobia about honey bears on ships; he
believes they bring bad luck (I thought it was women on ships who brought
bad luck. Huh.) He will remove the honey bears from the table he sits at
in the mess hall. So, some people decided to collect all of the empty
bears and make a sort of shrine. I thought it was very amusing. This is
what people do when they are bored. It keeps morale at a somewhat elevated
level. There were a few others that I cannot share here (or for which I do
not have photographic evidence).