Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cool iceberg

We have a pretty cool iceberg near our current station. Thought I would
share a couple of photos. The skies are pretty stormy looking, as you can
see but seas are calm enough. We are still heading south on 150W. We are
seeing more and more icebergs as we go. We will eventually get pretty
close to the ice shelf. An ice view always lifts everyone's spirits.
Also, where there is ice, there is a possibility of penguins! Everyone one
loves penguins!

Otherwise things are pretty uneventful here. We haven't seen much of clear
skies or the sun lately. But the weather has been decent so I can't
complain. There is definitely much more algae biomass in these parts,
which is good for me. But obviously, because of the clouds, I am not
getting much in MODIS-Aqua imagery except for some patches. However, the
images are good enough to give me an idea of what to expect,
chlorophyll-wise and, thus biomass-wise.

Chow for now.

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