Friday, February 4, 2011

T minus 3 days

Hi all,

A few days before I head on South, I have decided to perform a test run of my blog and give a little introduction. I am hoping that this blog will be fun and somewhat educational. I have been to Antarctica several times before, but each time is a new experience. This trip, in particular, will be longer and I will be working with people I have never met (although there will be a few I have encountered once or twice before; oceanography is a small world, you know).

For the past few months I have actually been dreading this trip. I just moved to my new condo a few months back and I wasn't quite ready to leave. Moreover, this is the first time I will be deploying without the company of my colleagues. However, as the time of my deployment approaches, my anxiety (and nausea) is replaced by excitement. I love going to Antarctica and have been aching to return for a long time. These are adventures of a life time, and I must take full advantage because who knows if I will ever make it down there again! Now I get my (3rd) chance, AND I get to share the experience with others. I hope that I get to share some interesting stories and, especially, photographs. I probably won't post everyday. This is a long cruise so there will be plenty of time to share postings. Hope you all enjoy!



  1. Yay! Love the new photo.... mostly though I wanted to be the first to post :) Bon voyage. You better write often!!!

  2. maybe it will be a little better without the company of colleagues!! ;)
    seriously, though, I would feel the same way-you need some 'allies' on an expedition like that.
    good luck, and have fun!