Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch and update

I was, well we all were, saddened by the news about the earthquake that hit
Christchurch, NZ a little over a week after we left for McMurdo Station.
It is surreal to think that I was just there, walking through that
beautiful city. I will certainly cherish the pictures I have, especially
of the Cathedral, which was toppled yesterday. I am going to count my
blessings that we left in time. The people of Christchurch will be in my
thoughts and prayers.

On a different topic, today was the first day of science! We were supposed
to sample our first stations last night but we were hit with some
inconvenient weather: 15-25kt seas and 40kt winds. Needless to day it was
a bit rolley polley yesterday. But I am happy to report that I did not get
sick, although I was a bit sleepy, which is technically a symptom of sea
sickness. The captain took the ship further towards land, to the
protection of the ice, as a second low pressure system rolled through. We
resumed our first transect, the first station closest to the continent and
then moving outward, this morning. As a member of the calibration and
validation team of a satellite, these cloudy skies do me no good! Weather
has improved today though. All in all things have gone smoothly thus far.
Let's hope for clear skies!

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